Friday, March 30, 2012


 “Hey!” I shouted after him.  “Where are you going?  You can’t just leave me here!”  It occurred to me after speaking that he could probably do whatever he wanted and I couldn’t appeal to his sense of morality to get him to do what I wanted.  Because he was the Devil, and appealing to the Devil’s sense of morality might be as difficult as trying to taste something with your ear.

I remained seated, bound to the chair by invisible restraints.  I squirmed, trying to loosen a hand, but the chair tipped crazily, and I decided I was probably better off tied to a chair that was standing than to a chair that was on its side.  Not that it was likely to make much difference if I was supposed to rot here for an eternity.

I focused my energies on trying to wriggle a foot free.  There didn’t seem to be much slack in whatever was holding my ankles together.  No matter how I tried to shift my feet, angle my legs or twist my ankles, nothing I did gave any hope of loosening the firm pressure my restraints held on me.

I began to feel uneasy.

First it was just a bout of dizziness, like I’d stood up too fast and needed a second to adjust.  But then, instead of dissipating, the feeling grew steadily worse.  Soon it was accompanied by a headache, whose intensity grew in a similar fashion.  Then came the nausea.  Cottonmouth.  Constipation.  Sharp pains in my inner ear.  Then I noticed droplets of red swimming in front of my vision and in the midst of my agony I realized my eyes were bleeding.

Then unconsciousness.


  1. ...constipation?


    1. Hey, don't mock the constipation, that kinda thing gets painful! :P