Monday, March 12, 2012

The Hallway

I followed the woman through the door and into a narrow, dimly lit hallway.  Now that I was closer to her, I could see that she was dressed as much like a nurse as someone you'd see at a Halloween party.  The skirt was extremely tight, the heels were impractical, and...well..she looked like nursing was not what she did for a living.

The hallway was absurdly long and lined with doors on both sides with only about five feet of wall between them.  Each one was marked with the words Exam Room and a number.

I was going to see the Devil.

I was not prepared for this.  I was seventeen years old.  I was now quite aware of the fact that I'd been kind of a dick, but I didn't think that being thrust down to Hell and given a personal meeting with the Devil was a treatment proportional to the severity of my crimes.  I was an arrogant bully.  I made kids at school who were less wealthy, less intelligent, and less good-looking feel like crap.  But that's how teenagers are, right?  High school's a vicious, bloodthirsty place and it was them or me.  I didn't think I needed to apologize for clawing my way to the top.

Oh.  Wait.  There I was, being arrogant again.  Justifying my own cruelty by claiming it was merely survival.  There were plenty of kids at my school who didn't really play any of those games or acknowledge this so-called high school caste system in any way, and they survived just fine.

At any rate, if I had been cruel, my sins were common.  Plenty of kids did what I had done, and it didn't seem like the level of depravity I'd achieved in life merited an audience with Satan.  Maybe there'd been some kind of mistake.

"Excuse me," I said meekly to the sexy nurse who was currently leading me past Exam Room 114.  "Are you sure--"

In response to the question I hadn't yet finished asking, she swiftly turned around and slapped me across the mouth.  "I'm sure," she snarled impatiently.  And then she continued walking at the same brisk pace, apparently expecting me to follow her.

I swore at her under my breath.  But I followed her anyway.  If the Devil was expecting to meet me, I didn't think that trying to run away would give him a reason not to throw me into the fiery pit.

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