Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exam Office

Just as he said, Gus led me down the hall.  It was a ways down the hall, but it was definitely just down the hall.

We passed the Exam Rooms I’d passed earlier, but we stopped at one I didn’t remember.  Instead of Exam Room, the plaque read Exam Office and had no number following its title.  Gus stood by the door and looked at me expectantly.

“What?” I said.  “Is this where we’re going?”

“Yup,” he replied, still giving me that look.  “Uh, but this guy is my superior.  I can’t just barge in.  You’re the boss around here.  You do the barging.”

I shrugged.  “Okay,” I said.  And I opened the door and walked in.  Gus followed.

The room I’d walked into was an office less than half the size of what was now mine.  It was an austere space that seemed suffocated by the baby blue paint that colored the walls and ceiling.  The thin, flat carpet was of the exact same shade.  There were no shelves, paintings, bookcases, lamps, or anything distinguishing on any of the walls.  The dim lighting came from what appeared to be a pair of dusty fluorescent lights encased on the ceiling.  The desk seemed to be the only feature in the room, and it sat precisely in the center.  At the desk, behind an aging, whining computer and impressively arranged stacks of papers, sat an overweight balding man with a truly terrible blonde comb-over.

The man was staring down at his desk sullenly and seemed to have been dictating a message to a male demon standing beside him.  I winced as I saw the demon.

“Do demons ever wear clothes?” I whispered to Gus in annoyance.

The man at the table looked up.  “Oh,” he said with surprise.  Then, he added mournfully, “Hello, sir.  I see old what’s-his-name decided to jump ship.”  

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