Friday, April 13, 2012


I threw my hands over my face and the pieces of the door showered harmlessly around me.  When I felt safe enough to look up, I witnessed what could only have been a demon standing in the smoldering doorway.  It was Kivra, the demon I’d seen on the cover of the magazine in the waiting room.  And she looked pissed.

She was naked, and it was clear that the magazine cover hadn’t done her justice.  Her body appeared to be human, but every inch of her skin was a dark, scorched-looking red color.  Instead of hair, she hand a series of short, black horns protruding in a dense if chaotic arrangement from her skull.  Her eyes were large, angled sharply up at the outside corners, and of a fiery orange color.  Her teeth were perfect, white, and the four central ones on top and bottom were pointed and set between two larger sets of sharpened teeth that could only be described as fangs.  When she gnashed her teeth and growled, I saw what appeared to be rather boring-looking molars further back in her mouth. 

Her body was toned and slender, and her movements held both an elegant grace and an unbridled aggression.  Her breasts were large, round, and firm, her legs were powerfully muscled, and her feet had what appeared to be a thick layer of blackened skin on the soles that nullified the need for shoes.  Instead of fingernails and toenails, she sported two-inch claws.  She had no bellybutton. 

She was simultaneously arousing and terrifying.  I wasn’t sure if I would piss my pants or cream my pants.

“You,” she barked at Gus with a voice that was throaty, intimidating, and somehow still feminine.  “Where is he?”

“Who?” Gus answered.  He was totally unaffected by her entrance or appearance, but it seemed to come from indifference instead of bravery.

“You know who,” she snarled through clenched teeth.  “I want to talk to Satan.”

Gus smiled wanly and made a lazy gesture in my direction.  “He’s right here,” he said.

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