Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kivra's Judgment

“So you want me to give you three hundred more demons to torture people with?” I clarified, trying to ignore her performance as she ran a slender, clawed hand along her smooth legs.

“That’s the basic idea, yes,” she said.  She swung her other leg up on the desk.  She was still facing off to the side so I could see her in profile, but she was hot, naked, and sitting about three feet in front of my face and disrupting my ability to focus on my situation—I mean, my predicament.

“Um…who would get tortured?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Every soul down her deserves some torture,” she answered, swiveling to face me and bringing one leg over, spreading her legs in front of me.

“Okay,” I yelped, pushing my chair back from the desk and spinning it to the side.  “That’s enough.  I don’t know what’s going on here, but this is crazy.”

Kivra’s answer was a long, low chuckle.  I wanted to see the expression on her face to understand why she was laughing, but I was scared to look back and fall for her charms again.

“I knew it,” she said contemptuously.  “I had you pegged the moment I looked at you.  You’re a coward.  A pussy.  You’re not even a man.  What are you, fifteen?”

I turned to glare at her, taking care to aim above the bare breasts.  “Seventeen,” I snapped.  Like claiming to be two years further into adolescence would do anything to improve my cred with a demon who was probably thousands of years old.

She laughed again, this time more freely and more gleefully.  “You’re just a kid.  A virgin, even.  And you’re going to command the hordes of Hell?”  She shook her head.  “They just don’t make Devils like they used to.  This is going to be fun.”

I was thoroughly embarrassed.  I’d been emasculated and patronized.  I struggled to think of something useful, noble, or at least relevant to say.

She leaned toward me again and thrust the claw from her index finger toward me threateningly.  “Here’s what you’re going to do.  You’re going to order my three hundred demons returned to my division.  And then the two of us will be able to get along just fine.  If you don’t do that, we will have problems.” 

She got out of my face and headed toward the doorway.  She paused in front of it.  “And I am not a problem you want to have,” she reiterated.  Then she cupped her breasts in her hands and gave them a little bounce, apparently to see my reaction.  Then she turned and left, her cackle echoing as she disappeared down the narrow corridor.


  1. "I don't know what's going on her[e], but this is crazy"
    Might be a typo, might be a Freudian slip.

    1. lol

      Well, either way it needed to be fixed. Thanks for the catch!