Friday, April 20, 2012

Where to Start

I realized I was panting.  Embarrassed, I glanced up at Gus, who was standing beside me.

He gave me a piteous smile.  “That’s Kivra,” he shared as a simple explanation.  “She can be…overwhelming.”

“So…do I need to give her back those demons?” I asked. 

“Hey, you’re the boss, Boss,” he evaded.

Gus was the only person down here I’d met so far that I actually liked.  The sexy nurse was rude.  My predecessor was a piece of work.  And Kivra was…well, she was overwhelming.  Gus just seemed like a chill dude who didn’t have much reason to manipulate me.  That assessment was the closest thing I could get to a sliver of trust.  Better to rely on him than to rely on Kivra, right?

“From purely an advisory standpoint,” I rephrased, “If you were in my position, and you were worried about keeping law and order and all and making sure that Hell doesn’t overrun the planet and all…what would you do?”

Gus shrugged.  “I wouldn’t worry about it just yet,” he said.  “She’s pissed, but her department isn’t exactly hurting.  It’ll take her a while before she actually decides to do something more than bitch about it.  And in the meantime, you should familiarize yourself with how things work around here.”

That sounded like intelligent, informed advice.  “Okay, let’s do that,” I said.  “Where do I start?”

“We could start with the Assignment Department, if that meets with your approval,” he suggested gently.  

“Its offices are adjacent to yours so it won’t take us long to get there.”

“Assignment,” I repeated.  “Okay.  Lead the way.”


  1. Far as I can tell, this story is kinda dull... The main problem is that the idea kinda sucks. You've made a story about office work where the twist is that the main character is the devil... In fact, the foreshadowing you've laid down so far suggests that future storylines will be about the politics of hell, which don't sound very interesting.

    Sorry I think I will be dropping the series here. The writing seems decent but the plot sucks.

    1. What, the politics of hell isn't interesting? I just think this isn't your cup of blood because it sounds great to me.

    2. Well, it can't be everyone's cup of blood. Thanks for the comment and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!