Monday, May 21, 2012

The Consequences

Vilnius left.

I turned to Gus, who was still tugging at my sleeve.  "What?!" I snapped.

"You gotta fight him off, boss-man," he said.  "You can't take that deal, no matter how good it sounds."  He was practically begging.


"First of all," he explained, "he's probably lying.  I've never heard of a door to Heaven straight from Hell.  You'd have to go through the real world first, I'm almost sure of it.  Second, you can't just sneak into Heaven.  There's a lot of security and there's a proper process for getting into it.  If you were supposed to go here, they'll know about it. They're not stupid enough to just assume that since you made it to the pearly gates you must belong there."

I sensed he had another reason.  "And third?"

"Third...Vilnius and I have the past.  If he becomes Devil, the first thing he's going to do is free me of my subservience, and the second thing he's going to do is throw me into the deepest pit and give me the worst torture Kivra can think of.  And he'll leave me there literally forever.  There are plenty of demons I would not like to work for, but Vilnius has a grudge against me and he easily makes the top of that list." He heaved a huge sigh.  I guess it took a lot of breath to get all that out.

"Okay," I said, shrugging.  "So when he comes back, I tell him to shove it, I pin him against the wall with a desk or something, and we run for it.  That sounds like fun," I added sourly.  I was getting kind of sick of being helpless all the time.

Gus cleared his throat.  "I have another idea," he said.  "And this involves a trick you might get a kick out of."

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