Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A New Guest

The fist pulled back through the door, leaving a jagged opening.  A mustard-brown demon's face peeked through it.

"Is it too predictable if I say 'Here's Johnny?'" he asked languidly.  Then he reached in through the opening, unlocked the door from the inside, and swung it open.

Gus and I stood next to each other, cautiously watching his casual approach.  "Um...we're not friends with this guy, right?" I stage whispered from the corner of my mouth.

"With Vilnius?" Gus whispered back.  "Definitely not."

"Should I set him on fire or something?" I asked.

"You can try," Gus said.  "But if you're gonna try anything, you sure as hell better try it fast."

So I used the newfound powers of my mind and the air around the demon erupted with flames.  He stopped.  After a moment, the fireball dissipated, leaving him glaring at me with his head hung, as though he were simply disappointed in me.

"A fireball for a greeting?" he said.  "How childish.  What if I were only here for friendly introductions?"

I shrugged guiltily.  "I figure it's probably a safe bet around here to assume you're not interested in being friendly," I said.

"Well," he replied, pretending to brush himself off, "the good news is that there's no harm done.  I'm from Hell, sweetheart, you'll need to do a little more than light a fire to piss me off."  He smiled.  "But the bad news is that I was already pissed off."

With supernatural speed, he rushed me, pushed me back, and forced me down across the top of the desk, his hand at my throat.  "Because I heard we had some new clown running the show down here when someone a little more deserving should be at the helm."

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