Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Trick

"So what's the trick?" I asked.

"Well," Gus explained.  "Vilnius craves control.  He's a micromanaging, macro-managing, everything-managing pscyho nazi nutjob.  We can send him and everyone else a message if we take control over the one that's most obsessed with control."

I narrowed my eyes.  "Yeah, that'd be cool, but how's that possible?"

"I know a spell," Gus said, a smirk of pride sneaking across his face.  "I got a look at something your predecessor used once to keep one of his underlings in line.  It's a spell that forces the demon under it to obey your orders."

"Whoa," I replied.  I was impressed.  "That could be pretty useful.  So he just...cast this spell and the demon did his bitchwork for the rest of forever?"

Gus's eyes shifted hesitantly.  "Well, for a little while.  Until, of course, the demon found a way to break the spell.  And then he got a few friends together and ambushed your predecessor.  And ultimately, your predecessor wound up killing the demon and throwing his friends in a hole somewhere down on what we colloquially refer to as the Ninth Circle.  But it worked for about fifteen years, so this could definitely buy you some time."

That was not a story that inspired confidence.  But what other option did I have?  Try to take on Vilnius in a one-on-one superpower fight?  That seemed to promise a much lower likelihood of success. 

"Well, no plan is ever perfect," I sighed.  "What do we do?"