Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The hallway was flooded with those hideous little green fuckers.

I waited.

Gus elbowed me nervously.  "You do have some kind of plan, here, right?" he shouted over the earsplitting sound of the shrieking pit guards.

"I have a kickass plan," I exulted, starting to brim with confidence.  "This is probably even going to be fun."

Gus shouted something in response, but I didn't hear all of it.  I think he said, "It better be one hell of a plan."

I waited until the first row of charging pit guards were about twenty yards away, and then I flexed my telekinetic muscles. 

With a thought and a lot of concentration, I ripped into both sides of the wall, digging two feet deep, and pulled chunks of stone and mortar out.  The first few rows of attackers were buried in an avalanche of dusty, filthy stone, collapsing under the weight of the walls that had just exploded inward on them.

As the first ranks went down, I extended my telekinetic reach further back, letting the walls tear open in a kind of rippling wave that I pushed back to as far as my powers would let me.  Hundreds of pit guards were crushed under my onslaught.  Once I couldn't push any further out, I stopped. 

I stood staring down the hallway, heaving, sweating, and feeling like a complete badass.  A thick dust hung in the corridor, but nothing moved other than a few loose stones.  I was ninety percent sure that I'd just taken out every single little goblin thing in the entire hallway.

Gus let out a low whistle.  "I'll tell you one thing," he said reverently.  "Even at the peak of his power, your predecessor never would have even thought of trying what you just did."

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