Monday, July 2, 2012


I stared at the door.

"That," I said solemnly, "is one big-ass door."

Gus stared at me.  "Are you gonna knock on it or just stand here zoning the hell out?"

I raised my fist to rap on the door.  As I knocked, the flakes of rust scraped my knuckles.   Almost immediately, a small section of the wall next to the door shifted, revealing a small window at about eye level. 

"Who are you?" a grouchy, goblin-like voice croaked. 

I peered through the window and discovered that it was simply a squared-off gap in the wall.  But the wall was so thick that the far end of the tunnel appeared to be less than half the size of my end. 

"I'm the new Devil," I answered.  "Open the door."

Gus smiled approvingly.  "I like the new tone," he murmured. 

I shrugged.  "I think I'm starting to get used to this being-in-charge thing," I admitted.

The enormous door creaked suddenly, and swung open slightly with a slow, agonizing shriek.  The opening was only a few feet wide, and it gave me the impression that there would probably never be an emergency big enough to require the effort of opening the door all the way.

"Come in," the voice said.

Gus and I slipped through the opening.  Gus had hardly stepped inside when the door began creaking shut behind us.

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