Friday, July 13, 2012

The General

I was still looking down through the destruction, admiring my handiwork, when I heard an unexpected voice at my elbow.

"You wanted to see me?" the voice said gruffly.

I whirled, my heart pounding.  Another demon stood behind me.  He was short, but muscular beyond what you'd think was even possible.  His skin was a blotchy mess of deep shades of red, and he was--I glanced down--dammit...he was naked too.

"General Gavsot?" I asked.

He nodded.

I extended my hand.  "I'm Jason.  The new Devil."

He looked down at my hand.  "Good," he said.  "Let's talk."  He reached out to grip my hand, and suddenly we were somewhere else.  He'd transported me to what must have been his office, as austere and simple as it seemed.

I looked around at the small, silver-toned room.  The entire thing seemed to be constructed from stainless steel and kept in good repair, unlike the entrance to his lair.  The room featured only a stainless steel desk with a neat arrangement of sleek electronics on it.  Oh, and there were two stainless steel chairs.  The General sat behind his desk, and I seated myself across from him.

"Somebody has got to teach me how to do that teleporting thing," I muttered.

He leaned forward and interlocked his fingers in front of him.  "Let's talk business," he said.

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