Monday, July 9, 2012


"But how do they even know what happened?" I asked frantically as the rumbling sound grew steadily in volume.

"General Gavsot is a little more progressive than some of his demon peers," Gus explained.  "He's utilized some technology from the realm of the living."  He pointed toward a security camera mounted awkwardly in a cobwebbed corner.

"Fuck," I said.  "What do we do?  Run for it?"

Gus shook his head.  "You're the one who was so hellbent on asserting your authority.  It would look pretty bad if you didn't reassert it here."

I waved my hand, covered in blood from my thigh, in his face.  "I barely made it out of a fight with one of these things!  How am I going to 'assert my authority' against five hundred?!"

Gus smiled broadly.  "Remember, you're not just a kid with an attitude anymore," he reminded me.  "You're the Devil now.  Attack as the Devil, not as a human."

A terrible shrieking began echoing from down the hall.  Apparently that noise the first pit guard made was some kind of battle-cry, and hundreds of those things were making it now.

I looked down the long, featureless hallway and saw a swarm of greenish, three-foot-tall pit guards rushing toward us.

"Here goes nothing," I murmured.  

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