Friday, July 6, 2012

Pit Guards

The goblin pounced.

He surprised me by how high he could jump.  He came hurtling upward at my face claws-first.  I was lucky enough to get the shaft of the spear between us, and his face collided with it.  He fell, swiping his claws within an inch of my face as he went down.  But then he was climbing up my left leg, digging his sharp fingers deeply into my flesh as he scurried up to my torso. 

What the fuck do you do when some supernatural hellspawn is climbing up your body and punching holes in your skin like it's notebook paper?  I did the only thing I could think of--I spun.

I swung my body around as quickly as I could.  It made me slightly dizzy, but it pulled the goblin loose.  He was surprisingly light for a rabid hobbit, and he went flying against the wall, landing with a thud in the corner by the huge metal door.

He started to get up--freakishly fast--and I jammed the end of the spear into his face.  He fell back and snarled, so I hit him again.  It took four more shots to the face before he collapsed in an apparent state of unconsciousness.

My left side was bleeding profusely.  I looked up at Gus.  "What the fuck kind of animal did I just beat into a coma?" I asked raggedly, wincing.

Gus ignored me, instead staring down the long hallway ahead of us with what could only have been a look of horror.  "Pit Guards," he finally said.

I heard a low rumbling noise coming from the unseen end of the corridor.  "What's that noise?" I asked worriedly.

Gus sighed.  "Pit Guards," he repeated.  "Most of them are grunts working under the demons.  They're almost entirely ugly, cranky, and short-tempered.  But I will say one good thing about them--they're loyal to each other."  He turned to shoot me a quick, ironic smile.  "That means if you mess with one of them, you mess with all of them." 

He nodded down the hall toward the sound of a stampede.  "You just made a few hundred enemies," he said.

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