Monday, August 27, 2012

Azraal's Office

I opened the door to Azraal's office and stepped inside.  I held the knife in front of me, ready to strike as soon as he moved toward me.

He was standing in one corner of the room, looking very calm.  His arms were at his sides in a pose of cool relaxation that was completed by the lit cigarette held loosely in his left hand.  "I see you've come armed," he said, nodding toward my knife.  "Do you plan to kill me with that thing?" he teased.

I stepped forward hesitantly.  "This isn't just an ordinary knife," I said, trying to keep my voice firm.  It trembled a little bit.  I think my hand did too.  My attempt at bravado was pretty transparent. 

He strolled casually over to his desk, widening his eyes and raising his eyebrows in an absurd caricature of fear.  "Ooh," he taunted.  "So you plan to kill me with an extraordinary knife.  How terrifying."  He leaned forward, rested his palms on the desk and gave me a sarcastic glare.  "I'm at your mercy.  You have my undivided attention."

I stepped forward a little more.  I was maybe eight feet away from him, still holding the knife in front of me and wondering how close I should get before I tried to stab him.  The fleeing in terror phase of the plan was sounding really good right about now and I wanted to hurry up and get there.

"This is no ordinary knife," I explained, "because--"

With an efficient swiftness that contrasted sharply with his earlier body language, Azraal plucked a small dagger from his desk and threw it violently.  His accuracy across such a short distance made it impossible for me to dodge, and the blade buried itself two inches deep in my chest, just below my collar bone.  It was so surprising that I didn't even make a sound when it split open my flesh.

"Because it's dipped in human blood?" Azraal finished dryly.  "I'm betting you didn't know this little sweetheart of a spell could be used against you, did you?"

My vision started to go a little blurry and I began to have trouble determining which direction was down.  Azraal stepped around the desk and grinned at me.  "You're part demon now," he told me, almost laughing.  "Ever since you drank your great-grandaddy's blood, you've been some weird human-demon hybrid mutant thing."  He spoke the last word with such disdain that, even though he was not someone whose opinions I trusted or valued, I was somehow still offended. 

I crumpled clumsily to the floor.  Azraal stood over me, chuckling to himself.  "I love it when you try to plan things out so carefully," he mused, "And then somebody comes along and just makes everything so much easier."

And then I passed out.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fourth Floor

I raced down the hallway with a couple of the other security guards on my tail. 

That's just an expression.  I may be the devil, but my body is basically human.  I do not have a tail.  But if I had one, some of the goons chasing me may have been able to grab hold of it.

Near the end of the tiled hallway was a pair of double doors labeled "stairs."  As I burst through them into the stairwell, I was struck by how familiar the dull echoing of my movements was in the empty space.  It was just like every stairwell I'd ever used in a school.  But I was in Hell.

Bizarre.  Or maybe meaningful.  I wasn't sure.  I also didn't have a whole lot of time to reflect on the coincidence of this part of hell feeling exactly like my high school.

I hurried up the stairs with a growing number of demons chasing me.  General Gavsot had said that Azraal's office was on the fourth floor.  As I crashed through the doors into the blandly carpeted hallway on Azraal's floor, I wondered if it would be safe to assume that he now knew I was coming.

I sensed the noise die down behind me and turned.  The dozen-or-so demons that had been chasing me seconds earlier were now gathering in the hallway, blocking any effort I could make to return to the stairs.  The big gray one I'd nearly castrated stood in the front of the group, crossed his massive arms, and smirked.

I turned the opposite direction and stared at the last door at the end of the hall.  On the translucent glass was etched "Azraal - Director of Transportation." 

I was pretty sure that he was expecting me.  Especially when I heard him say, "Come on in!" from behind the door.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grabbing it by the Balls

The hulking gray demon grinned at me.  "What's the matter?" he teased.  "Disappointed that your plan failed so quickly?"

"That's a matter of opinion," I said.  I suddenly reached out, gripped his penis and his testicles with both hands, and squeezed.  Hard.  And for good measure, I also lit his genitals on fire.

Gotta give the guy some credit.  For the first few seconds, he only gritted his teeth and glowered down at me.  But, eventually, he couldn't withstand the pain.  He screamed.

It was probably the worst sound I'd ever heard.  It was low, throaty and raw, growing into a terrible crescendo that added elements of hoarse shrieking and animalistic roaring.  The volume became almost as unbearable as the pain in his loins surely must have been. 

He finally released his hold on my shoulders to grip my arms and tear them from his crotch.  So I dug my fingers in deeper.  Rather than have me tear his genitalia into flaming, bloody chunks, he began trying to pry each of my fingers loose, one at a time.  I slipped one hand out and let him focus on the other.  With my free hand, I waved toward the front desk, and--taking care not to glance at the receptionist's impressive rack--I brought the entire, massive thing hurtling across the room toward us. 

The demon was so distracted by prying my index finger from between his testicles that he didn't see it coming.  The desk collided solidly with his huge frame and I sent them both flying into the wall. 

Suddenly, I was free.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Under Pressure

The demon who'd tackled me had grabbed me around the ribs to take me down.  When we hit the ground, my lower body was pinned under him, but my arms and torso were free.  I squirmed and writhed frantically to get free.

"Hey," the demon cooed mockingly.  He sounded like he was talking to a child.  Or maybe a kitten.  "Hey, where you going, little guy?"  He roughly turned me over and, sat on my legs, and held me down by the shoulders. 

He was big.  Easily the biggest of the five.  His arms looked like they had armor plating instead of muscles.  His flesh was dark, steely gray.  He was dense, bulky, and--I learned as I tried to wriggle free--deceptively fast.  Gavsot was a beast.  Azraal was a badass. This guy dwarfed them both.  And I'm pretty sure he considered himself a big fish in a huge pond.

He smiled down at me, baring small, angular teeth.  "We haven't met," he hissed tauntingly.  "But I know all about you.  Granddaddy ran off and left you in charge and since then this whole place has been spiraling out of control.  So let's go see Azraal," he suggested.  "Establish some stability under new leadership.  What do you say?"

The whole time he was speaking, I was struggling uselessly against him, searching for any kind of weakness.  I couldn't slide out from under his arms.  His body kept my legs pinned.  He even shrugged off the blast of fire I shot directly at his face.  I punched at his stomach, kicked in futility, and brought a chunk of ceiling down across his shoulders to no avail. 

Then it occurred to me--he was naked.  No matter how big a guy is, there's one great spot to hit him that's especially vulnerable when he's unclothed. 

So for the first time, I decided I was going to touch somebody else's penis.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Escaping Security

I sprinted toward a hallway that appeared empty.  Two of the security demons on opposite sides of the hallway adjusted their angles to cut me off before I could reach it. 

The body I'd had since becoming the Devil was big and fast and strong--much more powerful than the adolescent body I was used to.  I felt my adrenaline surging and my confidence building as I rushed on a collision course with two badass demons. 

The one approaching from my left reached me first.  He threw an arm out to clothesline me, with his other arm swinging wide, apparently to grab me from behind.  I ducked under the arm in front of me, pivoted, pressed my hand against his face, and, with a simple thought, shot a burst of fire from my palm.  The demon fell off to one side, screaming.  I glanced back briefly and saw his entire head engulfed in flames. 

The demon from the right beat me to the hallway and blocked its entrance with his body.  He thrust his hands forward and sent a huge fireball rolling toward me.  I tried to push it back toward him, but he was strong.  I only managed to deflect it to one side.  It continued past me, and I gathered from the noise that it took out another of the demons that was chasing me. 

I charged the demon blocking the hallway.  He stood firm.  Then he caused the floor to erupt in front of him, sending heavy chunks of tile flying upward.  He held them suspended, giving him a protective wall of sharp broken tile.  The intent, I think, was to slow me down.  Instead, I ducked, powered through the floating debris with my shoulder, plucked a hefty chunk from the air with a free hand, spun, and let the tile fly from my fingers.  I sent it spinning and hurtling at his head from only a few feet away.  He tried to dive to the side, but the tile caught him in the neck.  Blood exploded from just below his jaw line and he fell screaming.  Without breaking my stride, I leaped over him to enter the hallway--

--and I was roughly tackled from behind.

Damn.  I was so close.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Great.  Heading into a building full of middle-management demons with no clothes on...all of whom want to capture me.

"Okay," I announced with a deep breath.  "Here goes."  I nodded toward the four beastly-looking Enforcment demons standing around Gavsot.  "Be ready, guys," I advised.

I calmly walked toward the front door, pulled it open, and stepped inside onto a recently-buffed off-white tile floor.  In front of me was a wide reception desk with a large faux-wood mounting on the wall behind it that featured the words "Department of Transportation" in a stylized font.

The demon behind the desk glanced up.  Her skin was an ugly puke-green color, but her features were actually quite pleasant.  As I walked closer and could see over the desk, I realized that, of course, she was naked.  She was also somewhat overweight.  And her breasts were enormous.

I'm ashamed to say it, but considering that I was a seventeen-year-old virgin high schooler in a badass demon's body, it shouldn't be too surprising--I stopped and stared.  I'd never seen a pair of boobs that huge in person, and they required my undivided attention. 

Unfortunately, the demon whose bosom I was ogling recognized me.  Her eyes went wide (probably not as wide as mine, though) and her arm disappeared beneath the desk.  Apparently there was some kind of alarm there.

I'd only really been staring for a few seconds, but it was enough time for her to alert security.  And when I finally snapped out of my titty-trance, I realized that five big, muscular demons were hurrying toward me.

The receptionist might have been a Low Order Demon.  These guys looked like any one of them could kick Jason Bourne's ass.

"Fuck," I muttered.  I glanced around, picked a direction that didn't have a huge demon in the way, and began running.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Going In

I stood facing a four-story office building facade that jutted somewhat lopsidedly out of the blood-red stone wall in front of me.  The wall extended left, right, and upward beyond the edge of my sight.  I stared numbly.

I was holding the two knives that were stained with Frank Delaney's blood.  General Gavsot roughly pried one from my grip.  "Azraal's office is on the fourth floor.  It is the last door at the end of the hall to the right."  He handed the knife to one of the four Enforcement demons behind him.

I glanced at Gus.  He shrugged.  "I guess you could still back out," he suggested weakly.

"I feel like I should be wearing body armor or something," I said.

"Your death is unlikely," Gavsot said.  "It is being stripped of your powers and made to endure endless torture that you should fear.  Armor will not help prevent that."

I shot him a frown.  "That's...not reassuring.  But thanks for trying," I added sarcastically.

"Go in fast," Gus advised hurriedly.  "Don't stop moving.  Use your telekinesis to keep the LODs away from you.  Confront Azraal, make sure he's after you, and then haul ass out of there."

"Wait," I said, waving my hand in an attempt to interrupt him.  "What the hell is an LOD?"

"Low-Order Demon," Gavsot said.

"The fuck is that?!" I spat.  I felt like something really important was being sprung on me at the last moment.

"They're the spawn of two demons," Gus explained.  "Usually not very powerful as far as telekinesis goes, usually not quite as physically, uh, imposing as your basic demons.  Most of them are torturers, but some of the lazier ones find desk work in some departments.  Paper-pushers."

"So I'm heading into a building full of demonic bureaucrats?" I summarized.

"Pretty much," Gus nodded.

"Gus," I sighed, "Are they naked?"

"Naturally," he replied.