Friday, August 10, 2012

Escaping Security

I sprinted toward a hallway that appeared empty.  Two of the security demons on opposite sides of the hallway adjusted their angles to cut me off before I could reach it. 

The body I'd had since becoming the Devil was big and fast and strong--much more powerful than the adolescent body I was used to.  I felt my adrenaline surging and my confidence building as I rushed on a collision course with two badass demons. 

The one approaching from my left reached me first.  He threw an arm out to clothesline me, with his other arm swinging wide, apparently to grab me from behind.  I ducked under the arm in front of me, pivoted, pressed my hand against his face, and, with a simple thought, shot a burst of fire from my palm.  The demon fell off to one side, screaming.  I glanced back briefly and saw his entire head engulfed in flames. 

The demon from the right beat me to the hallway and blocked its entrance with his body.  He thrust his hands forward and sent a huge fireball rolling toward me.  I tried to push it back toward him, but he was strong.  I only managed to deflect it to one side.  It continued past me, and I gathered from the noise that it took out another of the demons that was chasing me. 

I charged the demon blocking the hallway.  He stood firm.  Then he caused the floor to erupt in front of him, sending heavy chunks of tile flying upward.  He held them suspended, giving him a protective wall of sharp broken tile.  The intent, I think, was to slow me down.  Instead, I ducked, powered through the floating debris with my shoulder, plucked a hefty chunk from the air with a free hand, spun, and let the tile fly from my fingers.  I sent it spinning and hurtling at his head from only a few feet away.  He tried to dive to the side, but the tile caught him in the neck.  Blood exploded from just below his jaw line and he fell screaming.  Without breaking my stride, I leaped over him to enter the hallway--

--and I was roughly tackled from behind.

Damn.  I was so close.

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