Monday, August 6, 2012

Going In

I stood facing a four-story office building facade that jutted somewhat lopsidedly out of the blood-red stone wall in front of me.  The wall extended left, right, and upward beyond the edge of my sight.  I stared numbly.

I was holding the two knives that were stained with Frank Delaney's blood.  General Gavsot roughly pried one from my grip.  "Azraal's office is on the fourth floor.  It is the last door at the end of the hall to the right."  He handed the knife to one of the four Enforcement demons behind him.

I glanced at Gus.  He shrugged.  "I guess you could still back out," he suggested weakly.

"I feel like I should be wearing body armor or something," I said.

"Your death is unlikely," Gavsot said.  "It is being stripped of your powers and made to endure endless torture that you should fear.  Armor will not help prevent that."

I shot him a frown.  "That's...not reassuring.  But thanks for trying," I added sarcastically.

"Go in fast," Gus advised hurriedly.  "Don't stop moving.  Use your telekinesis to keep the LODs away from you.  Confront Azraal, make sure he's after you, and then haul ass out of there."

"Wait," I said, waving my hand in an attempt to interrupt him.  "What the hell is an LOD?"

"Low-Order Demon," Gavsot said.

"The fuck is that?!" I spat.  I felt like something really important was being sprung on me at the last moment.

"They're the spawn of two demons," Gus explained.  "Usually not very powerful as far as telekinesis goes, usually not quite as physically, uh, imposing as your basic demons.  Most of them are torturers, but some of the lazier ones find desk work in some departments.  Paper-pushers."

"So I'm heading into a building full of demonic bureaucrats?" I summarized.

"Pretty much," Gus nodded.

"Gus," I sighed, "Are they naked?"

"Naturally," he replied.


  1. Gus can't help but get a little private amusement from Jason's discomfort...