Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grabbing it by the Balls

The hulking gray demon grinned at me.  "What's the matter?" he teased.  "Disappointed that your plan failed so quickly?"

"That's a matter of opinion," I said.  I suddenly reached out, gripped his penis and his testicles with both hands, and squeezed.  Hard.  And for good measure, I also lit his genitals on fire.

Gotta give the guy some credit.  For the first few seconds, he only gritted his teeth and glowered down at me.  But, eventually, he couldn't withstand the pain.  He screamed.

It was probably the worst sound I'd ever heard.  It was low, throaty and raw, growing into a terrible crescendo that added elements of hoarse shrieking and animalistic roaring.  The volume became almost as unbearable as the pain in his loins surely must have been. 

He finally released his hold on my shoulders to grip my arms and tear them from his crotch.  So I dug my fingers in deeper.  Rather than have me tear his genitalia into flaming, bloody chunks, he began trying to pry each of my fingers loose, one at a time.  I slipped one hand out and let him focus on the other.  With my free hand, I waved toward the front desk, and--taking care not to glance at the receptionist's impressive rack--I brought the entire, massive thing hurtling across the room toward us. 

The demon was so distracted by prying my index finger from between his testicles that he didn't see it coming.  The desk collided solidly with his huge frame and I sent them both flying into the wall. 

Suddenly, I was free.  

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