Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Great.  Heading into a building full of middle-management demons with no clothes on...all of whom want to capture me.

"Okay," I announced with a deep breath.  "Here goes."  I nodded toward the four beastly-looking Enforcment demons standing around Gavsot.  "Be ready, guys," I advised.

I calmly walked toward the front door, pulled it open, and stepped inside onto a recently-buffed off-white tile floor.  In front of me was a wide reception desk with a large faux-wood mounting on the wall behind it that featured the words "Department of Transportation" in a stylized font.

The demon behind the desk glanced up.  Her skin was an ugly puke-green color, but her features were actually quite pleasant.  As I walked closer and could see over the desk, I realized that, of course, she was naked.  She was also somewhat overweight.  And her breasts were enormous.

I'm ashamed to say it, but considering that I was a seventeen-year-old virgin high schooler in a badass demon's body, it shouldn't be too surprising--I stopped and stared.  I'd never seen a pair of boobs that huge in person, and they required my undivided attention. 

Unfortunately, the demon whose bosom I was ogling recognized me.  Her eyes went wide (probably not as wide as mine, though) and her arm disappeared beneath the desk.  Apparently there was some kind of alarm there.

I'd only really been staring for a few seconds, but it was enough time for her to alert security.  And when I finally snapped out of my titty-trance, I realized that five big, muscular demons were hurrying toward me.

The receptionist might have been a Low Order Demon.  These guys looked like any one of them could kick Jason Bourne's ass.

"Fuck," I muttered.  I glanced around, picked a direction that didn't have a huge demon in the way, and began running.

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