Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fourth Floor

I raced down the hallway with a couple of the other security guards on my tail. 

That's just an expression.  I may be the devil, but my body is basically human.  I do not have a tail.  But if I had one, some of the goons chasing me may have been able to grab hold of it.

Near the end of the tiled hallway was a pair of double doors labeled "stairs."  As I burst through them into the stairwell, I was struck by how familiar the dull echoing of my movements was in the empty space.  It was just like every stairwell I'd ever used in a school.  But I was in Hell.

Bizarre.  Or maybe meaningful.  I wasn't sure.  I also didn't have a whole lot of time to reflect on the coincidence of this part of hell feeling exactly like my high school.

I hurried up the stairs with a growing number of demons chasing me.  General Gavsot had said that Azraal's office was on the fourth floor.  As I crashed through the doors into the blandly carpeted hallway on Azraal's floor, I wondered if it would be safe to assume that he now knew I was coming.

I sensed the noise die down behind me and turned.  The dozen-or-so demons that had been chasing me seconds earlier were now gathering in the hallway, blocking any effort I could make to return to the stairs.  The big gray one I'd nearly castrated stood in the front of the group, crossed his massive arms, and smirked.

I turned the opposite direction and stared at the last door at the end of the hall.  On the translucent glass was etched "Azraal - Director of Transportation." 

I was pretty sure that he was expecting me.  Especially when I heard him say, "Come on in!" from behind the door.  

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