Monday, August 20, 2012

Under Pressure

The demon who'd tackled me had grabbed me around the ribs to take me down.  When we hit the ground, my lower body was pinned under him, but my arms and torso were free.  I squirmed and writhed frantically to get free.

"Hey," the demon cooed mockingly.  He sounded like he was talking to a child.  Or maybe a kitten.  "Hey, where you going, little guy?"  He roughly turned me over and, sat on my legs, and held me down by the shoulders. 

He was big.  Easily the biggest of the five.  His arms looked like they had armor plating instead of muscles.  His flesh was dark, steely gray.  He was dense, bulky, and--I learned as I tried to wriggle free--deceptively fast.  Gavsot was a beast.  Azraal was a badass. This guy dwarfed them both.  And I'm pretty sure he considered himself a big fish in a huge pond.

He smiled down at me, baring small, angular teeth.  "We haven't met," he hissed tauntingly.  "But I know all about you.  Granddaddy ran off and left you in charge and since then this whole place has been spiraling out of control.  So let's go see Azraal," he suggested.  "Establish some stability under new leadership.  What do you say?"

The whole time he was speaking, I was struggling uselessly against him, searching for any kind of weakness.  I couldn't slide out from under his arms.  His body kept my legs pinned.  He even shrugged off the blast of fire I shot directly at his face.  I punched at his stomach, kicked in futility, and brought a chunk of ceiling down across his shoulders to no avail. 

Then it occurred to me--he was naked.  No matter how big a guy is, there's one great spot to hit him that's especially vulnerable when he's unclothed. 

So for the first time, I decided I was going to touch somebody else's penis.

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