Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I positively erupted through the main doors of the Department of Transportation.

Still moving as quickly as I could, but stumbling from my last leap to freedom, I barreled clumsily out in the stifling, stagnant, open air of Hell.  I started to speak, to inform my allies that our enemy was hot on my heels, but before I could eke out a single word, the enemy was on my heels.  He'd dived after me and quite literally grabbed at my ankles.  He failed to get a substantial hold, but he knocked my feet sideways and I collapsed.

Instantly, I was on the bottom of a pileup.

Azraal had thrown himself on top of me and two of General Gavsot's elite soldiers had dutifully attempted to pull him off.  The General himself had then leaped into the fray himself, wielding the blood-dipped knife.  Gus was wisely standing clear and anxiously awaiting an outcome.

Luckily, Azraal regarded the demons in the pile on top of him as more of a threat than the demonized human in the pile beneath him, so rather than stabbing me with his own blood-dipped knife, he took a moment to hack and slash at Gavsot's men.  He got in some pretty good hits.  He cut two of the demons deeply enough for the spell to work.  I don't know if demons can actually pass out, but if a human had done what those demons did, it would have been called passing out. 

Gavsot's other two soldiers came to help out, rolling the unconscious bodies of their comrades out of the way.  But I was still being squashed by four big guys who were all trying to kill something.  It was not comfortable. 

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