Monday, September 10, 2012

The Home Stretch

"Somebody cover that fucking door!" Azraal shouted volcanically as rushed toward me.  Apparently he'd gathered his forces on the fourth floor to guard against my escape and I'd circumvented them completely.  The only person I could see between me and the front door was the big-breasted receptionist, who still sat in her chair in the entry way as though she were patiently waiting for the desk to be returned to its proper place. 

With a wave of my hand, I sent pieces of the floors, the walls and the ceiling hurtling chaotically across the paths of my charging adversaries.  It took a few of them down, but Azraal was a little more badass and a lot more determined than his cohorts, so he extricated himself from the commotion almost as easily as though it weren't even happening. 

I was going to get away with it.  I had headed into enemy territory, gotten captured, and now I was about to escape.  I felt awesome.  Even though these guys were chasing me, I was giving them hell for it, and I would easily reach the door before they could overtake me.  I suddenly felt like the ultimate personification of badassery.  As I cut across the reception area and came within twenty feet of the door, I even felt courageous enough to flash a quick wink at the exceptionally well-endowed demon who'd been so distracting when I first came in.  She smiled at me and that fed my ego a little more.  I grinned back as charmingly as I could and quickly refocused my attention on escaping.  I was ten feet away from freedom when Azraal materialized in front of the door.

Shit.  I forgot he could do that teleportation thing. 

I tried to stop, but my momentum kept me hurtling forward.  I saw a flash of the dagger and his hand went up. When his arm snapped forward, I managed to redirect some of that momentum to one side.  The knife whistled harmlessly past my shoulder.  I seamlessly transitioned into a sideways dive and perfectly executed an illegal slide tackle, bringing a very disappointed Azraal down on top of me.  I shoved his tumbling body to the side, threw a quick elbow in his face, and lunged for the door.

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