Monday, October 1, 2012


General Gavsot and his remaining soldier teleported Azraal's body back to the Department of Enforcement (presumably) and quickly returned for the bodies of their unconscious comrades.  Seconds later, they reappeared.  Gavsot put his hand on my shoulder.

"Wait!" I said.  "I want to try teleporting."

Gavsot gave a slight shrug, which I interpreted to mean, "Okay, but hurry up."

I closed my eyes, pictured the front door of the Department of Enforcement, and tried to access whatever part of my brain that my telepathy came from.  I focused as hard as I possibly could on making myself appear in the spot I was envisioning.  I had my eyes squeezed so tightly in concentration that I'm a little surprised I didn't pop a blood vessel.

"Boss-man," came Gus's strained stage whisper.  "Maybe we should leave the experimentation for another time.  Azraal's guys should be coming after us any second now."

It was true.  I could hear them organizing themselves just behind the door.  "I can get this," I murmured, trying to refocus my efforts and block out all distractions.  "I feel like I'm so close...."

With a sudden bang, the door to the Department of Transportation burst open so violently it nearly came off its hinges.  My concentration broken, I glanced back toward the noise and saw at least a dozen of Azraal's guard squad charging toward us.

I nodded abashedly to Gavsot.  "Fuck it, just take me," I said, and we were gone.


  1. "With a sudden bang, the door to the Department of burst open..."
    You are missing something between "of" and "burst", I think.

    1. Yes, I definitely am missing something. Thanks for the catch!