Friday, October 19, 2012

Satanic Order

"What do you want, Kivra?" I asked waveringly.  Her nipples were...alluring.

"Remember those three hundred demons I asked you to transfer back into my department?" she asked, walking around the desk to get uncomfortably close to me.  As she approached, she slid a piece of legal-size paper onto my desk.

I quickly adjusted the way I was sitting to obscure the fact that the crotch of my pants was starting to bulge.  "Yes," I said.

She leaned over me, her hands clamped on the armrests of my chair.  Those glorious breasts were inches away from my face.  I'd never touched a naked breast before.  I knew she was trying to make a power play, and I knew I needed to focus, but her body was making it so difficult....

"I don't have them back in my department yet," she snarled sweetly.  She heaved a deep sigh, pretending not to notice the way it made her chest swell in front of me.  "You haven't signed a Satanic Order for their transfer."

I didn't want to.  I didn't trust Kivra.  I didn't want her to have three hundred more demons at her command--a command she might use to overthrow me.  But her fingers played so gently along my arm.

"I'm not sure you need three hundred more demons," I said weakly.

She curled her lip.  "Okay, fuck subtlety," she grunted disinterestedly.  She reached around behind my head, planted her hand at the base of my skull, and roughly shoved my face into her cleavage.

"What the fuck!" I shouted--though the sound was muffled by the abundant soft flesh around my mouth.

"Here's how it's going to work, ," she growled.  Why was her growl so sexy?  "You're going to sign that paper in blood so that I can get my demons back, and you're going to do it right now.  And if you find some courage in that fucking useless echo chamber of yours to try and refuse, I will turn this pleasant pressure on your dick into an excruciating agony of a duration to be determined by how much I enjoyment I derive from watching you writhe and squirm like a helpless fucking maggot."

Her hand did indeed feel pleasant on my crotch.  I imagined it could very easily feel very different.

"Okay," I said hoarsely.  "Uh, here, let me sign it."

A moment later, Kivra was walking out of my office, signed Satanic Order in hand, wagging her juicy little ass tauntingly at me as she left.

I felt powerless.  I felt unsatisfied.  I felt stupid.  I felt weak.

"I should've set her eyeballs on fire," I grumbled to myself.

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