Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"Hi," I said awkwardly as I hung up on Gus.  " can I help you?"

"Hi," the chubby, puke-green demon said shyly.  Her voice had this sweet, pinched quality to it that made her sound almost childish.  

"Do you remember me?  I was the receptionist at--"

"Yeah, no, I definitely remember you," I interrupted clumsily.  I stood up and approached her, extending my hand for a shake.  "Uh, I'm Jason--I mean, the Devil."

She shook my hand lightly.  "I'm Sylnie.  Nice to meet you," she said pleasantly. 

"The niceness is all mine," I replied lamely.  She smiled in amusement but managed not to laugh at me.  "So what brings you here, Sylnie?"

"The new Director of Transportation," she said.

"Ah, Jorge!" I responded proudly.  "What do you think of him so far?"

She smiled weakly.  "He's...decisive.  He's made some big changes already.  He's called it 'streamlining' and 'trimming the fat' and 'cleaning house.'  Anyway, now there are a bunch of us who don't actually have anything to do now, so I was hoping I could come work for your office."

I swallowed.  Sylnie wanted to work for me?  How would I be able to focus with her enormous bare boobs around me all the time?  "You want to work for me?" I repeated.

She looked down.  "Well, I thought we had kind of a connection earlier at the Department of Transportation, so I thought...."  It was hard to tell because of her green skin, but based on her body language, I guessed that she was blushing. 

Sylnie thought we had a connection. 

"Sure!" I exulted.  "I could totally use a receptionist!"


  1. Jason is cute. I don't know, man. Letting your other brain do the thinking probably isn't the best idea...

  2. Sadly, Jason hasn't learned how to deal with having two brains yet. Which makes Hell a particularly bad environment for him, lol.