Friday, October 26, 2012

The First Order of Business

Sylnie beamed.  "Great!  What do you want me to do?"

I stared at her, my eyes dropping from her face to her nakedness.  "Hold that thought," I said, and I reached for my cell phone.  I dialed Gus.

"Boss-man," Gus answered.  "Everything okay?"

"Yeah," I replied.  "So listen--I got myself a receptionist, but she's kind of...distracting.  Where does one acquire clothing in Hell?"

Gus sighed.  "Are you in your office?" he asked.

I nodded.  Then I realized I was on the phone.  "Yes," I said.

"Go out the back door, go down the hallway to your left, and look for a door that says Staff Wardrobe Storage.  You'll probably find what you need there," he said confidently. 

"Thanks," I said.

"Who's the recep--" he began, but I hung up.

"Follow me," I said to Sylnie, and led her into the hallway behind the office.  Like many hallways in Hell, this one appeared interminable and was very poorly lit.  Eventually, however, we located the door Gus had described and opened it.  Inside was what appeared to be racks and piles of every kind of clothing collected over the last few millennia.

"Wow," Sylnie said, her eyes wide.  "That's a lot of clothes."

"Yep," I said.  I motioned for her to step inside.  "Go nuts.  Come find me when you have something you want to wear."

"Why do I have to wear anything?" she asked.  She seemed genuinely confused.

I openly stared at her chest for about the sixtieth time since meeting her.  "Uh...just...just find something you like and put it on," I begged.  And I hurried back to my office. 

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