Monday, November 26, 2012

Preparing for the Interregnum

Wait!" Gus shouted, breaking my concentration.  I opened my eyes and glared at him.

"Sorry," he said more calmly.  "Um, Boss-man, sir, with all due respect, you probably shouldn't go just yet."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because if it takes you an hour to find those demons and stop them, it could be days down here," he explained.  "You need a temporary replacement to keep some order while you're gone."

"Oh," I said.  "Yeah, okay.'re in charge."

"Me?" Gus was taken aback.  "No, I didn't mean me.  I meant maybe him," he said with a nod toward Jorge.

"Sure," Jorge said with an odd smirk.  "I'll do it."

"No offense, man," I told him, "but I don't actually know you that well just yet.  I'm more comfortable with my loyal sidekick here holding the reins."  Jorge silently put his hands up as though he were voluntarily withdrawing his name from consideration.

I patted Gus reassuringly on the shoulder.  "You'll be fine.  Now what do we have to do, is there some kind of spell?"

Gus hung his head.  "Yeah, there's a spell.  But for the record, I am one hundred percent against this.  And I'm totally uncomfortable with it to boot."

I smiled thinly.  "There is quite literally no one else I can trust, Gus.  I can't just let my friends and family get butchered, so I kind of need you to do this.  Not as an option."

He sighed heavily.  "Okay, but just so long as I'm on the record saying how terrible of an idea this is."

"Noted," I replied tersely.  "Now let's get this spell over with so I can go."

"I need a mortar and pestle and a few ounces of your blood and we can get started," Gus murmured glumly.

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