Monday, November 12, 2012

Sylnie's Selection

I quickly typed up a brief paragraph on my computer that stated that I was repealing Satanic Order Number 53464552.  No matter how I worded it, it sounded forced and fickle and frivolous.  But I was determined to keep Kivra from pushing me around, so I felt the need to stand up to her now before she got me totally under her sexy heel.

I printed it out and signed it.  Then I scanned it and sent copies to the Personnel Department.  And the Department of Torture.  And the Department of Enforcement.  And I sat back in my chair, thoroughly proud of myself for standing up to a bully, even if it was after I'd caved in person. 

There was a knock on the rear entrance to my office.  "Sir, it's me," Sylnie called softly.

"Sure, come in," I said.  I turned to watch her enter and my jaw dropped. 

She smiled at my reaction.  "You like it?" she asked hopefully.

"An entire warehouse full of clothes," I murmured, "and you picked this?"

She frowned.  "You don't like it?"

I stared at her.  She was wearing a sexy French maid outfit that looked like it came from the set of a bad porno.  She looked fantastic in it, of course, and it gave her cleavage so deep it appeared to be endless.  "I love it," I admitted.  "But I'm not sure it's any less distracting than you going around naked."

My phone rang.

God, her boobs were enormous.

My phone rang.

I wasn't even a butt guy, but hers looked positively juicy in that little skirt.

My phone rang.

"Your phone's ringing," Sylnie said.

"Yes it is," I said, still half-entranced, as I blindly groped for it on the desk.  I brought it to my ear.  "Hello?"

"Boss-man?" Gus said.  "Listen, I'm here with Jorge and he has something that you're definitely going to want to hear."

"Okay," I said.  I was beginning to notice that the white fabric in Sylnie's outfit was thin enough to be semi-transparent.  "Uh, give me like ten minutes."

"I think you want to hear this now," Gus said with uncharacteristic forcefulness.  

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