Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scanning the Crowd

Quinn was walking into the home with his parents and what appeared to be his older sister.  He looked uncomfortable and...what's the word...not under arrest.

Did he get away with murder?  Did Mike and Jessie get away with it too?  Was nobody going to jail for beating me to death with an assortment of gardening tools?

I reminded myself to stay focused.  If I didn't find those Low Order Demons soon, everybody in here could die.  If Quinn died, well, that would just be too bad.  But the vast majority of the people attending my funeral did not deserve to be slaughtered by hellspawn.

I began to feel like I'd come here very unequipped information-wise.  What was I looking for?  It seemed like a Low Order Demon would stick out around here, so maybe I should be watching for some kind of disguise.  Could demons possess people?  Did that mean that anybody could be the culprit?  Were there any kind of limitations on my powers since I wasn't in Hell anymore?  How would I be able to stop the demons if I found them?  I could still teleport.  Did that mean I could do everything else, too?

The funeral was about to start.  I was about to panic.  And then, on the opposite side of the room, I saw a head poke around a corner, take a quick look at the scene, and then disappear.  The head appeared to be covered in orange skin.

I caused a bit of a commotion by suddenly taking off at full speed across the room.

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