Monday, December 31, 2012

Suspect Two

The fire alarm had this weak, metallic rattle to it.  It sounded kind of tired.

It was loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough to make everyone jump up and panic.  So as I reentered the main room, I saw a bunch of people looking around in confusion, unsure of whether or not they were actually supposed to evacuate the building. 

My parents had just stood up when another orange Low-Order Demon appeared on the far side of the room.  He was holding what appeared to be a cigarette lighter and a can of bug spray.  He ran toward the closest group of people and, before anybody realized what he was doing, he'd flipped the lighter on and shot bug spray at the flame.  A little stream of fire erupted...right into Quinn Madsen's face.  It was a beautiful thing.  He'd beaten me to death with a hoe, so I thought I had the right to enjoy his screams of agony for a few moments. 

But the demon was moving fast, dodging between people and wreaking as much havoc as possible.  In between people, he set the carpet and the curtains on fire.  If I let him continue much longer, he might actually succeed in burning the whole building down and killing my parents.   I stopped listening so intently to Quinn's howls of anguish and darted across the room, heading directly for the source of the chaos. 

He saw me coming.  What he didn't see coming was the folding chair that I plucked from the ground as I ran, swung over my head, and brought down on his face.  He collapsed instantly, dropping both the lighter and the bug spray.  Dazed, he stared up at me. 

Triumphantly, I allowed myself a snarky remark before I dispatched the little bastard.  I frowned down at him disapprovingly.  "A demon using fire?" I chided.  "How unoriginal."

And I swung the chair down into the top of his skull.

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