Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to the Office

I dialed Gus. 

He didn't answer.

I dialed again.

He still didn't answer.  Why the fuck would he frantically call me seventeen times and then not bother to pick up when I returned his calls?  I thought about that for a moment and it dawned on me with embarrassing slowness that Gus could be in very grave danger.

"Don't go anywhere," I grunted to my prisoner, and I roughly slammed his skull into the corner of the desk.  He collapsed, and, once I was properly convinced that he wasn't faking his unconsciousness, I teleported back to my office.

This teleportation thing was coming more and more naturally to me now.  I was getting so that I quite liked having the ability.

I materialized in my office in the midst of a very awkward situation.  Three demons I didn't know seemed to be guarding the door.  On my desk were two wine glasses, one of which seemed to have a small amount of blood in it.  Next to the desk, a very vital-looking Azraal held a knife pressed to a very terrified-looking Gus's quivering throat.

Azraal's back was to me but he must have heard me arrive because he turned to glare at me with an incendiary, unbridled anger.  "Fuck!" he screamed at me.  Then he repeated himself a few times.  I guess he felt his expletive needed further emphasis.

Gus grinned sheepishly, despite looking like he was about to piss himself.  "Hey, Boss-Man," he said weakly.  "Uh, things kind of went to shit while you were gone."

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