Wednesday, January 2, 2013


That little fucker was fast

I could have sworn I was about to break his head into at least three pieces and suddenly he'd wriggled out from under me.  The folding chair hit the ground instead of his head, and he was off causing panic again.  But I didn't know exactly where.  I heard screams from a few various places in the building and I wasn't sure which ones were "Oh my God, fire!" screams and "holy shit, hellspawn!" screams.

I wondered if the demon was going to take my criticism to heart.  Would he abandon his silly campfire trick in favor of something more destructive and more dangerous?  What kind of powers did he have up here?  How was I supposed to defend against a foe of unknown strength? 

Where were my parents?

I scanned the room, which was slowly filling with smoke and more rapidly emptying itself of people.  I glimpsed the back of my mom's foot disappearing around a corner.  She was headed for the front door, and, I guessed, safety.  I imagined my dad was probably with her.  The demon's objective was to kill them, so I decided to follow them and wait for the demon to turn up again.

At least I thought it was her foot.  If it wasn't, then that kind of changed everything.  

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