Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nobody Home

Clutching the vanquished Low-Order Demon, I concentrated again and teleported us back to Hell, to inside the Department of Enforcement. 

I'd intended to hand the demon over to one of General Gavsot's underlings with strict orders to keep him lucid for questioning, but I was standing in an empty room.  There was a desk where a clerk should be sitting and a few hallways leading to various cell blocks that should have been regularly patrolled by Pit Guards, but I saw no one. 

"Hello?" I called tentatively.  This was kind of eerie. 

"Nobody's home," the demon in my firm grasp grunted.  "Listen, can you just drop me off at my place real quick?"

"Shut up," I said irritably.  I moved around behind the desk to investigate, roughly dragging my prisoner with me.  Behind the desk were only two things--a chair and the disembodied head of a Pit Guard. 

Just then my phone vibrated.  Hoping it could provide some kind of explanation, I pulled it out.  I had seventeen missed calls.  I scrolled through them briefly--all of them were from Gus.  I hadn't received any of those calls.

Apparently I don't get cell reception upstairs.

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