Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick Thinking

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I snapped at Azraal.

Rather than answer me, Azraal gestured at his goons and nodded in my direction without loosening his grip on Gus.  "Hold him," he ordered.

The three brawny demons approached me, looking very determined and very naked.  I think that might have been my favorite part about my brief jaunt to the realm of the living--clothing was everywhere.  I didn't see a single penis the entire time.

Although to be honest, the three penises moving toward me at the moment weren't nearly so worrisome as the six huge biceps.  I backed myself into a corner in an effort to buy myself a few more seconds to think. 

I could do another fireball.  I could telekinetically throw a bunch of random shit from the room at them, Darth Vader style.  What else could I do?  Was there a way to actually kill a demon?  I didn't know what happened to the Low-Order Demon whose throat I'd ripped out.  And even if I'd killed him, I had no assurances that the same strategy would work effectively against these badass full-on demons.  Or I could teleport.  I had a sudden flashback to my days as a normal, video-game-playing teenager.

Yes.  I could definitely teleport.

The largest of the three demons lunged forward.  I closed my eyes, focused, and teleported.  I heard him collide with the wall directly behind where I should have been as I appeared a few feet away, partially occupying the same space as my second attacker.

As I materialized, I heard an unbearably disgusting, fleshy crunch.  The second demon screamed as my leg appeared where one of his used to be.  A shower of splintered bone, muscle, skin and misted blood shot in every direction.  I was fine--but he was missing the better part of his left leg.

I'd totally telefragged the fucker.

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