Monday, January 21, 2013

The Worse News

"What's the worse news?" I asked.

"We've been invaded," he announced dejectedly.


"The Department of Construction was trying to expand to make room for more barracks to house the ever-growing number of damned souls and they dug in the wrong place, apparently, and opened a pocket in the rock that contained some locked-up pre-demonic species or something."

"What?" I repeated.

"And, Boss-Man, I'm really sorry, but they just started attacking as soon as they were freed, and these things are fucking huge.  They can apparently kill demons, which is a new one for me, but they do this thing where they rip demon hearts from their chests, and it actually kills them, I guess it's some kind of special power they have, it's pretty fucking brutal."

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized how weird it was that Gus was babbling and I could only manage a monosyllabic reaction.  But, yet again, I said, "What?"

"So Gavsot has pretty much every unit he can spare down in the drilling sector trying to hold these things back, but they're pretty fucking scary and they don't seem to tire, and the last time he called me, he said he really doesn't know how to fight them because nobody really knows what they are so naturally nobody knows anything about their vulnerabilities or weaknesses or anything."  He was breathing heavily and wheezing.  His eyes were red, his complexion was pale, and his expression bespoke crushing hoplessness. 

"Gus," I said, after taking a moment to absorb the shock of what he'd told me, "I'm really sorry all this happened while you were in charge.  I know you didn't want to do this.  Thanks for having my back, buddy."  I held him firmly by the shoulders.  "We're going to figure this out," I told him.

"Yes, sir," he said sadly. 

"Now if you'll excuse me," I said, "I have a general to meet with."

I was trying to appear in control for the benefit of Gus's shattered nerves.  But as far as I could tell, I was completely fucked.

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