Friday, January 25, 2013

Transit Problems

I clearly had not psychically transported myself to the front line of battle.  I hadn't even moved across the room.  I was standing in the exact same place.

"I can only teleport to places I've seen before," I muttered in sudden realization.

Gus looked up.  "What did you say, Boss-Man?"

I sighed.  "I want to go figure out how to deal with the invasion, but I can't teleport there because I've never been there," I explained.

Gus nodded.  "That is how it works," he agreed uselessly.

"So how the fuck am I going to get down there?" I asked.

Gus chuckled.  "Jorge," he said.


"Jorge," he repeated, unable to keep himself from smirking at my cerebral sluggishness.  "Remember you installed him as the new Director of Transportation after you captured Azraal?  What did you think the Department of Transportation was for?"

"," I intoned.  "Well, I feel like an idiot," I announced.  "Thanks, Gus."

He nodded.  "It is both my pleasure and my job, sir."

In an instant, I'd teleported myself to Jorge's office.  He was seated at his desk and he jerked in surprise when I appeared before him.  "Can't you knock or something?" he yelped.  "You're gonna give me a heart--"

"I need to go somewhere," I interrupted breathlessly.

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