Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Across the Lake of Fire

The cable car moved quickly.

It was really some kind of weird hybrid of a cable car and a high-speed monorail, as best I could tell.  We were hurtling with frightening velocity across a terrifyingly empty expanse.  A quick glance over the side confirmed that there was a roiling pit of lava directly beneath us.  A quick glance was too much, and once I looked, I vowed never too look again.  Wyver seemed to think even less of me as I lay cowering in the corner of the cable car as it was propelled precariously toward...wherever it was we were going.

When I gained enough courage to look forward, I realized we were heading toward the fang of rock that hung from above.  Apparently it was some kind of hub or way station for the cable car network.  Scores--or possibly hundres--of other cables ran out of this central location above the lake of fire.  The cables hummed busily with full loads of poor, hopeless humans being transported back and forth.

While I couldn't speak for the efficiency of the system, it certainly had speed.  We presently entered a tunnel inside the massive column of stone and slowed to a stop by another little metal landing.  The raw fear of being suspended above a volcanic reservoir was abating.  This, however, was quickly replaced by a wholly different fear as I stepped out of the car.

Standing on the landing waiting for me, arms crossed, was Kivra.

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