Friday, March 15, 2013

Kivra's Retribution

"Just the chickenshit piece of horse-fellating seagull excrement I was looking for," Kivra snapped.  Damn was she sexy when she was angry.  Which, of course, was all the time.

I'd felt so powerful when I'd defied her by repealing the Satanic Order which had granted her department three hundred additional demons. I was striking back, not allowing her to control me with her intimidation and seduction.  I was standing up for myself and taking control.

But I did not feel in control now.  As always, in Kivra's presence, I was completely powerless.  "Listen, this really isn't a good time," I said, trying to step past her to descend the steps from the landing.

She stepped in front of me.  Her breasts were directly in front of me.  They were nothing in size compared to Sylnie's, but they were pleasantly shaped and firm and the way she held her arms crossed in front of her propped them up wonderfully.  "You abysmally stupid fuck," she snarled.  The anger and disrespect kind of dulled the pleasantness of her cleavage a little.  "I don't care if this isn't a good time, you pusillanimous shitstain," she continued.  "You will make some goddamn time."

My throat was dry.  "Okay," I conceded.  "What's this about?"

She shoved me backward so roughly that I practically ricocheted off of the hull of the cable car.  "You know damn well what this is about, you incompetent coward," she sneered acidulously. "You repealed my order for demons.  You broke an agreement.  You neglected an obligation."  Her hand was around my throat and my back was up against the cable car.  "And most importantly, you strained an already tenuous mutually beneficial relationship and crossed the only truly powerful ally you have in the entirety of this treacherous cavern of despair."

She was lifting me by the neck.  My toes began to swing freely an inch off the ground.  I looked over at Wyver, who was waiting at the foot of the stairs.  He looked so bored that I swear if he'd been wearing a watch he would've taken that moment to check it.

"We're going to make a deal right now," Kivra said, her beautiful and terrifying face frighteningly close to mine.  "And you're going to give me back my fucking demons."

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