Monday, April 8, 2013


We changed shuttles multiple times in the Department of Torture.  The lake of fire and the massive stalactite seemed to be hundreds of miles behind us.  I wasn't sure how long this was taking, but I was positive that it was taking a long time.  Too long.

After a very long silence, Wyver spoke.  "We'll get off at this station.  This is sector 248.  We'll have to walk the rest of the way."

I nodded.  I felt a little queasy from all the things I'd just seen.  I wondered if my beefed-up devil body had some kind of greater nausea resistance.  Because all the intestines and blood and knives and burning and screaming I'd just been witness to should have made me puke my guts out a long time ago.  Or maybe I just had the benefit of only seeing each torture briefly and from a distance.

The cable car hurtled into a narrow tunnel in the rock, plunging us into what I'm pretty sure is the most complete darkness I've ever experienced.  After a few seconds, just as my skin was starting to crawl, we emerged from the tunnel.  Our speed slowed as we neared another shuttle station, which was perched on the edge of a narrow canyon.  Stretching out into the distance on that side was another massive, barren expanse of rocky wilderness.

Not far away from us as we slid into the station was a group of tens of thousands of demons that were in furious, frenetic battle with what I could only assume was the horror that Gus had described.

I stared out across the scene with dread.  "Holy shit," Wyver whispered.

"Holy shit indeed," I agreed weakly.

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