Monday, April 29, 2013

Back to the Home Base

My demons were teleporting away from what had recently been the site of a terrible battle.  A few who couldn't teleport were getting into cable cars.  Halkkor was giving what he'd assured me were "strict instructions" to his army to stay put until further notice.  After a few minutes, he returned to where I was waiting.

"Okay," I said apprehensively.  "Are you ready?"

Halkkor nodded.  "Yes," he replied.  "Let's go."

Breathing a heavy sigh, bracing myself for the inevitability of this idea blowing up in my face, I reached out to touch Halkkor.  I'd almost gotten my hand to his shoulder when he spun and dealt me a hefty blow to my chest.  I tumbled backward a few feet with extreme gracelessness.  At least he didn't hit me as hard as the first time.

"Do not touch me," he barked angrily.  He stood, bristling, as though I were about to fight back.

Like I had a death wish.  "I need to touch you," I explained, coughing, "So I can teleport us back to my office."

His muscles relaxed slightly, but he still seemed to expect me to jump him at any second.  "Very well," he grunted.  "Make it quick."

I slowly extended my arm and placed a hand on his shoulder.  A moment later, we were both inside my office.  Gus cried out in shock as we appeared.  He stared at us, pallid and trembling, looking as though he'd just pissed his pants.

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