Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leaving in Shame

I wheezed, got to my feet, and scrambled down from the platform.  Wyver was waiting for me, failing to hide his disgust.

"Thanks for your help," I said sarcastically.

He shrugged.  "My job was to be your guide.  Not to get involved in every sadomasochistic lover's quarrel you get tangled up in on the way."

I rubbed my throat tenderly.  "Love the attitude," I snapped.  "You do realize that I'm your boss, right?"

"After what I just saw, you don't seem intimidating," he explained.  Changing the subject, he motioned toward another small platform with a cable car waiting.  "That's the one we need."

"Great," I said sourly.  "Let's get on it and get out of here."  I sensed that Kivra was watching me hobble away in defeat, but I didn't dare turn around to see if it was only my imagination.  I just wanted to be somewhere far away from her as quickly as possible.

Wyver and I climbed into the cable car and sped away.

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