Monday, April 15, 2013

Meet the New Boss

The monstrous creatures' apparent leader who stepped forward was...intimidating.

He was bigger than the rest of them.  He was more muscular than the rest of them.  He moved more smoothly on his clawed feet than the rest of them.  In fact, every single characteristic that all of the rest of them had that made them in any way scary he had--in excess.  I was a big guy, much more physically formidable than I'd been in life, and a little taller, but this thing dwarfed me in every dimension.  If he'd had a potbelly, it probably would have been made of extra muscle that he was saving for later.

He towered over me, definitely standing at more than seven feet.  "Hi," I said with unmasked fright.  "You must be their leader, then?"  Any bravado I'd had before had vanished the instant he stepped forward and trained his intense, calculating gaze on me.

"I am," he said simply.  His voice was low, but it was the gravelly quality that made it threatening.  He spoke like sandpaper and he breathed like decomposition.  And he was standing way too close to me, so I got to experience each of those unpleasant qualities at their fullest strength.

"Hi," I said again, stepping backward a little.  "My name's Jason.  I'm the Devil."  I wanted to make an amicable first impression.  I didn't want him to see me as the enemy commander who opposed him because then he might rip my heart out too.  I hoped he'd see me as a leader who was willing to cooperate.  I almost stuck my hand out for a shake, but I thought he might just slice it off with one of those huge blades poking out of his forearms.

"You're the devil?" he asked gruffly, clearly unimpressed by my title.  "You run this circus, this mockery?" he continued with disdain.  "You're in charge of this rabble?" he added with a gesture to the thousands of demons behind me.

"Yes," I answered tentatively.  No sooner had the last consonant exited my lips than his right fist had knocked me sideways.  I was fifteen feet off the ground and flying with surprising speed.  Had I still been human, I think at least four of my ribs would have been fractured.

I landed hard, directly on my face.  The enormous creature laughed and a handful of his followers joined in.

This was not going well.

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