Monday, May 20, 2013

A Broken Promise

I turned toward the door to my office, intending to walk Halkkor over to our waiting room so that we could discuss the specifics of its conversion into a hallway.  But before I got to the door, an irate Kivra appeared in front of me.

"I want my three thousand demons," she announced, apparently not bothering with small talk.

"Who is this?" Halkkor asked me, sounding bemused.

"Who the fuck are you?" Kivra spat angrily.  When she actually looked at him, she realized what he was and the realization hit her suddenly, resulting in an uncharacteristically comedic facial expression.

"Is he one of...?" she asked me hoarsely.  She looked sick.

"Halkkor, this is Kivra, from the Department of Torture," I said.  "Kivra, this is Halkkor, King of Lucifer's Firstborn."  With false penitence, I added, "I'm sorry, Kivra, but your department is being downsized.  I won't be able to give you those three thousand demons after all."  I completed the performance with an obnoxiously apologetic smile.

Her cheeks, despite their red skin, appeared to flush angrily.  "You promised," she growled uselessly.  "We had a fucking deal."  She was heaving in huge breaths of air, apparently trying to subdue her rage.  It made her alluring chest puff out repeatedly.  I was glad she was staying a few feet away from me because simply allowing me to see her breasts poke forward with every inhalation was less distracting than her usual practice of pressing them against me.

More removed than usual from her feminine whiles and her physical intimidation, I resolutely replied, "I changed my mind."

Kivra's eyes blazed, but she didn't move a step closer.  It was clear that she was terrified of what Halkkor might do to her if she resorted to her normal methods of manipulating me.  She glared at me for what seemed like several minutes before snarling, "Fine," and abruptly teleporting away.

I looked over at Halkkor with a new appreciation.  Intent on killing everyone or not, he could be a useful guy to have in my corner.  I gestured broadly toward the door.  "Shall we?"

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