Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back to Business

Azraal was off to do gather information on Lucifer's Firstborn.  Jorge was in charge of keeping an eye on our unexpected and lethal guests.  Vilnius was prepared to begrudgingly perpetrate an attempt on Halkkor's life. I thought I'd made a pretty good move considering how outmatched I was.  It was time for me to go back to Halkkor and continue pretending to be his ally.

I teleported back to my office to find Halkkor glaring impatiently at Gus, who was speaking to him with a speed heightened by the fear of his audience.

"So then I told her, 'My last wife let me use the back door, but if you're not going to, then what was the point of leaving her in the first place?'  But she...."  Gus suddenly noticed my presence and finished more slowly.  "...uh...she didn't think that was funny.  Um, our fearless leader has returned."

Halkkor looked over at me.  "Leave me alone with this man one more time and I will tear out his tongue and forcibly insert it up his rectum."  Before I responded, I heard a faint whimpering noise from Gus's vicinity that sounded like he might be wetting himself.

"Understood," I told Halkkor.  "I apologize for stepping out for a moment.  Want to continue planning our overhaul of the system?"

"Better than listening to your man here discuss the more revolting points of his ex-wives sexual appetites," Halkkor said with a contemptuous smirk in Gus's direction.

"Fair enough," I said, trying to get down to business as quickly as possible before Gus fainted.  "I believe when I left, we were discussing the possibility of dissolving the Department of Assignment?"

"That is correct," Halkkor said.  And we began to try and iron out the details of how Hell would operate without its waiting room and its exhaustive placement programs.

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