Friday, May 31, 2013

Diplomacy Fails

"Halkkor, wait!" I began babbling.  "Just hold on a second and think about this!"

"What is there to think about?" Halkkor asked, apparently rhetorically.  He'd closed the distance between us and backed me into a corner, but so far he was refraining from ripping my internal organs from my chest cavity.  "You agreed to work with me and then made arrangements for my assassination behind my back."

"What if Vilnius is lying?" I asked hopelessly.

"Is he?" Halkkor asked me.

"He is," I assured him.

Halkkor turned back to look at Vilnius.  "Are you?"

Vilnius shook his head.  "I'm not."

Halkkor turned back to me and appeared to momentarily consider the conflicting information he'd just received.  "He's not," he declared.  "Which means you die."

"Vilnius!" I called out.  "Attack Halkkor now!  That's an order!"

The smirk on Vilnius' face quickly changed to anger as, enslaved to the spell, he raced across the room to attack the King of Lucifer's Firstborn.  He grabbed the wooden chair from the floor and swiftly swung it against the desk to break off one of the legs.  Then, brandishing the splintered wooden spar, he leapt toward Halkkor's exposed back.

But, of course, since my attack order had been given aloud, Halkkor knew he was coming.  He spun, caught Vilnius by the throat in mid-leap, knocked the chair leg from his grasp, and plunged the bony blade protruding from his wrist deep into Vilnius' chest.

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