Monday, May 27, 2013

Planning the Transition

"Sorry," Winston droned blandly, although with a hint of what could have been annoyance.  "Did you say the two of us would run your new Department of Assignment?"

"That is correct," Halkkor cut in.  "As a matter of fact, since it will be only the two of you maintaining the entirety of the enterprise, it's a little pretentious to continue to grace it with a departmental title.  There will be no Department of Assignment, only you and your aide running a smooth, linear operation."

Winston stared at him, his mouth agape.  Dramien seethed silently, periodically switching between Halkkor and me as the target of his acrimonious glare.

Ignoring the fact that we'd all just endured an uncomfortable silence, Halkkor turned to me and said, "Why don't we get someone from the Department of Development down here?  I can work with these two on the dissolution of their staff while you work with Development on the particulars of the physical remodeling."

"That's an excellent idea," I said brightly, overplaying the cordiality of my relationship with Halkkor because I liked how it made Dramien squirm angrily.  I quickly dialed Vilnius' number on my phone.

"Yes?" he answered irritably.

"I'm in Winston's office," I told him brusquely.  "Teleport to me."  Obediently, my demon-on-a-leash appeared beside me a moment later.

Halkkor looked slightly started by the suddenness of teleportation, but he hid his reaction swiftly.  "This is your Director of Development?" he asked.

"Yes," I said.  "Vilnius, this is Halkkor, King of Lucifer's Firstborn.  Halkkor, Vilnius."  It should have seemed weird to introduce two evil badasses to each other in an office in Hell, but somehow it felt like how I imagine your average business meeting would start.  Any second now, we'd sit down in the conference room to discuss our profit and loss reports and maybe see about getting a new coffee machine for the break room.

The two of them, however, did not exchange a handshake and a polite smile.  Instead, Vilnius acknowledged Halkkor with a curt nod.  "I've heard quite a bit about you," he told my new co-ruler.  "In fact, I've even been ordered to assassinate you."

Halkkor's creepy, shark-like eyes narrowed suspiciously.


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