Friday, May 10, 2013

Setting Things in Motion, Part II

Azraal was off to collect some intel on Lucifer's Firstborn.  I decided that maybe, considering how precarious my agreement was with Halkkor, I needed to be proactive.  I needed to make the first move and cross him before he crossed me.

I teleported to Jorge's office.  I appeared in front of his desk, standing beside Wyver, who gave me a guilty look as though he'd just been talking shit about me.  Jorge, in contrast, seemed mildly bemused by my sudden presence.

I didn't have time to address the awkwardness. Ingoring the abashed Wyver, I spoke directly to Jorge.  "I need you to do something," I told him.

"Of course," Jorge said.  "How may I assist you?"  He spoke with the fluid cadence of an experienced salesman.

"I need you to organize a reconnaissance mission as quickly as possible," I said.  "We have an army of demon-killing monsters downstairs and I need to be kept aware of whether or not they're keeping their word and staying put.  I need your demons to observe them and to alert me immediately if they seem to be up to something."

Jorge nodded.  "Consider it done," he replied.  He barked out the name of an aide, who immediately entered the office from his post outside the door.

Satisfied that Jorge was on top of his assignment, I teleported away.


  1. Damn, all caught up

    1. Yeah, I know the feeling. But I've been less lazy lately, so don't worry, it'll keep going...just not as quickly as you're used to!