Friday, June 7, 2013

Shaking a Tail

Before  Halkkor could get up or even start slashing at my legs, I made another quick decision--I had to shake him loose.

As far as I could tell, Halkkor was incapable of teleporting and hadn't had any experience being teleported until he'd met me.  I was hoping that, by jumping around to as many different locations as quickly as possible, I'd be able to maintain some kind of advantage.  If I kept him in constant disorientation his grip would slip and I'd eventually be able to make a jump without dragging him along.

So I teleported to the entrance to the Department of Enforcement.  Then I jumped to the cable car hub in the Department.  Then to the waiting room in the Department of Assignment.  Then the reception area in the Department of Transportation.  Then back to the emptiness near the Barracks of the Damned.  Then back to my office.  Then about two dozen other places.  Each time I arrived with that same fiendish pressure on my ankle to remind me that the horrible monster who was trying to kill me was still hanging on like a champ.  He  was also screaming something unintelligible at me--although apparently sound cuts out for that split second when you're between two places, so I could only catch every other syllable.

Somewhere around the tenth jump, it occurred to me that my plan might not be working.  Over the next few teleportations, I decided that I needed to use my destination to force my adversary's grip to weaken.  So finally, after repeated teleporting that had done little more to my enemy than deal him a hellish version of jet lag, I arrived at what I'd hoped would be my last stop.

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