Monday, July 22, 2013

An Important Call

Gavsot collapsed.  "The prisoners' cocktail!" he groaned. It seemed Azraal had dipped the knife in the mixture used to incapacitate imprisoned demons.

Niven stepped over him and glared at me, his deformed nostrils flaring.  Azraal approached from the opposite side, menacing and triumphant.  Torvin cowered off to the side.

My phone rang.

I tossed it to Torvin.  "Answer it!" I ordered, right before Azraal charged me.  As I prepared to evade him, Niven seemed poised to attack me once I got out of the demon's line of attack.  I solved that problem by teleporting a few feet away, behind Azraal.

"H-hello?" Torvin said nervously into the phone.  He looked up.  "It's Jorge!" he yelled.

"What does he want?" I asked.  I tried to teleport to Niven's location in the hopes of blasting his body to pieces like I'd done with Azraal's goons.  It took me a couple tries, but I finally succeeded in jumping to a space that Niven already occupied...only to feel myself slide out of the way until I was occupying empty space.  He seemed to be telefrag-proof.  That was not an encouraging development.  Azraal was closing in on me.  I had to keep moving, so I jumped again.

"He says Halkkor's army is mobilizing," Torvin called out.  "Four of Jorge's scouts are dead."

"What?!"  I screamed in frustration.

"And he has reports that Halkkor is leading them," Torvin added.  "Three scouts confirmed it."

Great.  My strongest ally was currently out of commission.  Two guys were currently trying to kill me and one of them planned to use my blood to cast a spell that would give him my throne.  Halkkor's army was on the move, probably to continue its invasion and destruction of Hell.  And Halkkor himself seemed to be alive, at the helm, and out for blood.

I watched warily as Niven and Azraal approached me from opposite sides.

"I have never been more unconditionally fucked than I am right now," I said.

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